To have lasting visual images of life's most meaningful and precious experiences is invaluable. We were blessed with the opportunity to have Heather capture the essence of our wedding for posterity. The resulting photographs exceeded our wildest expectations. Not only are they works of art (creative, interesting, beautiful), but the experience itself was fun and relaxed. Heather's method of preserving moments on film is very unobtrusive. She catches those touching moments one hopes to never forget without you realizing she is even there. She is very professional and talented, yet endears herself to her subjects with gentleness and thoughtfulness.
~Mr. and Mrs. Henthorne, Littleton, CO
Heather, I just wanted to say thank you and what a pleasure it was working with you on our wedding day.  We knew you would be our photographer from the moment we met you and the amazing pictures you took have really given us a chance to re-live that great day.  You were so patient with us and our families, and you and your team really captured every special moment.  Because of you, we will be able to cherish and remember our wedding day for the rest of our lives.  And the surprise at the reception was AWESOME!!!!  Thank you so very much.
~Mr. and Mrs. Aminpour, San Diego, CA
We were amazed how well Claire responded to Heather's photography technique. Instead of some supposedly "baby friendly" studios where they just put the baby in front of a background and start trying to coax a smile out of them, Heather actually interacted with our baby and took advantage of natural opportunities to get good shots. The pictures were like little flashes of her personality, moments that we see so often and yet are always difficult for us to really capture well on film. Heather did a great job of capturing our baby's personality with photographs that were creative and detailed, yet elegant and timeless. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an outstanding set of photos of a special occasion.
~Mr. and Mrs. Schoon, San Marcos, CA
I am fortunate to have had Heather photograph several different special occasions for me. She is very professional and made me feel very comfortable when we did my pregnancy pictures. She has a great eye and her creativity sets her apart from other photographers. She pays attention to detail and the results are always phenomenal.
~ S. Miller, San Diego, CA
I had the privilege to work with Heather during my first pregnancy. She took the most beautiful black and white photographs and gave my husband and I an everlasting memory of our first child before he entered the world. My son is almost two years old, and I still have these photographs framed and mounted in our home. When visitors come over, they consistently remark on the beauty and grace captured in her images. We are now expecting our second child, and I cannot wait to call Heather for her expertise to photograph this one!
~ L. Kolodziej, San Diego, CA


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